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Minorites and the Central European Initiative

This special publication was elaborated on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the CEI Instrument for the Protection of Minority Rights (opened for signature in 1994) not only to pay tribute to one of the most important documents drafted within the CEI framework but also to go beyond that objective and prepare a more ambitious collection of data, commentaries and views as well as translations of the Instrument in various languages which could be useful to experts and interesting for the broader public. 


CEI Flyer

The CEI Flyer contains basic information regarding the CEI objectives, structures and funds and instruments.


CEI Plan of Action 2018-2020

The Plan of Action constitutes a framework for development of activities and projects proposed or initiated by individual Member States and other CEI bodies in the CEI areas of activity. The Plan of Action 2018-2020 was adopted by the Heads of Government in December 2017.


CEI Cooperation Fund Projects Brochure: a CEI approach to migration management

This Brochure is a publication featuring different types of projects in the field of migration management that received co-financing from the CEI through its Cooperation Fund. These examples of activities and events highlight how the CEI support has been used to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s migration realty.


Annual Report 2016 of the CEI Fund at the EBRD

The Annual Report 2016 of the CEI Fund at the EBRD outlines projects and activities supported by the Fund throughout the year, namely approved and implemented Technical Cooperation assignments as well as Know-how Exchange Programme projects.


Annual Report 2016 of the Secretary General

The Report summarises the main activities in 2016 regarding the political dialogue and project-oriented approach of the Organisation.


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