Project name: NAMIRG - North Adriatic MIRG (Maritime Incident Response Group)
CEI role: Lead Partner
Participating countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
Area: Environmental Protection
Duration: 01/2018 – 31/12/2019

The project is funded under the European Commission Directorate-General For European Civil Protection And Humanitarian Aid Operations – DG ECHO. It aims at fighting incidents on ships at sea and at limiting their devastating effects on the lives of the crew, passengers and for the environment.
Incidents on board of ships at sea can have devastating effects on the lives of the crew, passengers and the environment. This is also the case for closed seas such as the Northern Adriatic Sea, where the spillover of pollutants and the relative proximity of the shores, in case of ship fires, would provoke serious consequences, not only for the marine environment but also for citizens living in the coastal areas. Against this background, MIRGs - Maritime Incident Response Groups–represents an important solution for the Adriatic Sea.

This model foresees the intervention of a trained and specially-equipped squad of firefighters,  who can be transported on board of a helicopter to ships on fire at sea. Additionally, a support vessel with firefighter squads and further equipment is foreseen. Such a vessel should ensure towing of the ship on fire and serve, if necessary,  as an escape route for intervention squads.

Under the coordination of the Central European Initiative-Executive Secretariat together with the three beneficiaries, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy, the Fire brigade of Koper, Slovenia and the Fire brigade of the Istria Region will firstly analyse the state-of-the-art by studying the existing protocols, contracts among the three countries and existing materials and equipment.

The NAMIRG (North Adriatic MIRG) group will be established by involving 9 staff members per beneficiary, whose training will be focused on MIRG theoretic and practical training and at the end assessed by experts. Finally, the NAMIRG trained staff will be prepared for emergency intervention and an exercise at sea will be organised. This way, both staff and equipment will be tested and possible problems will be examined. If possible solutions will be defined and tested on the spot.



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