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The European Union and Legal Reform Summer School
(Igalo, Montenegro) “The success of the 2014 edition of the The European Union and Legal Reform Summer School would not have been possible without the generous support of the Central European Initiative. In fact, the CEI contribution was fundamental to cover the accommodation costs for 24 participants from  CEI Member States.
The CCSDD considers the CEI to be an important partner and historic enabler of its goals and ambitions since the beginning of the project. We believe both institutions share the same purpose of contributing to regional cooperation and European integration as well as working towards extending the collaboration between Montenegro and Italy”

Clarissa Ronchi, Development coordinator at Johns Hopkins University
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  6th CEI South East Europe Health, Wellness and Spa Conference. Regional Chances and Challenges (Belgrade, Serbia)
  “CEI co-financing resources helped us to provide participation of 130 lecturers and health, wellness and spa professionals from CEI countries – EU and non - EU.  CEI resources also provided networking and fostering information exchange, exchanging experience and best practices among participants from CEI Member States and transfer of knowledge from EU CEI Member States to non EU CEI Member States”.
  Nataša Ranitović, President, Health,Wellness and SPA Tourism Cluster  Serbia
For more information on the 6th CEI South East Europe Health, Wellness and Spa Conference:

  EASTWEEK - Script Writing Workshop for New Talents
(Trieste, Italy)

“Created in 2009 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Trieste Film Festival - the leading Italian festival on Central and Eastern European cinema -, the Eastweek Project represents a strong bond with the Film Schools and Academies from Eastern and Central European countries.
This is perfectly in line with the cross-border co-operation activities carried out by the CEI, who has always supported the festival and its cultural initiatives with enthusiasm”.
  Nicoletta Romeo, Programme Manager, Trieste Film Festival
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  Central regional conference “Media and journalism in South East Europe – Captured by particular interests or turning to serve the public?”
(Tirana, Albania) 
  “Thanks to CEI support we were able to invite significant personalities of the media field from European associations and institutions, as well as from the Balkans. Their participation to the conference contributed to a discussion that widened the focus of problems to address, as well as to sharing more diverse experience, solutions, and recommendations.
The conference was the main public event for the regional project Promoting Integrity, Accountability, Pluralism and Independence in the Media Sector of South East Europe”.

Remzi Lani, Director of Albanian Media Institute

  Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
(Jihlava, Czech Republic)

  “Thanks to the CEI support we could for the first time in 2014 invite festival directors from non-EU CEI countries such as Kujtim Çashku from IHRFFA, Albania; Kirijana A. Nikolloska from MakeDox, Macedonia; Virgiliu Margineanu from CRONOGRAF Festival, Moldova; Vuk Perović from UnderhillFest, Montenegro; Gennadiy Kofman from Docudays UA, Ukraine and others.
The Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival is a celebration of creative documentary film and the greatest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Festival Identity has become essential part of the Industry programme of Jihlava IDFF since 2011. This networking platform is open to festival directors and programmers from all kinds of film festivals from all around the world. It creates opportunity to share know-how, exchange thoughts, experience and ideas and develop a multinational and multicultural festival community”.
  Jarmila Outratova, Head of Industry Office, Jihlava IDFF
For more information on Industry programme:

  Vilenica International Literary Festival
(Vilenica, Slovenia)

  “Cooperation between CEI and Vilenica Festival has turned into a lasting and fruitful project, both concerning annual round-table discussions thematically focused on the Central European cultural territory where the main festival theme is being discussed by eminent festival guests and a CEI fellowship. In 2015 the CEI Round-Table will again represent the major event of the expert part of the 30th jubilee of the Vilenica festival and the 10th Fellowship to an up-and-coming author from CEI member states that have not yet entered the EU will be awarded. 
We would like to take this occasion to express our gratitude to the Central European Initiative for the support - the CEI cooperation activities have become an important part of the Vilenica Festival and have had an important influence on its literary life”.
  Maja Kavzar Hudej, Programme Manager
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CEI Cooperation Activities are projects of small scale and limited duration, which mainly take the form of seminars, workshops, short training courses or other kind of meetings. They are financed out of the CEI Cooperation Fund to which all Member States contribute, through annual calls for proposals. The CEI Cooperation Activities are organised by institutions of CEI Member States to implement the priorities set by the CEI Plan of Action 2014-2016.
The Call for Proposals 2015 for co-financing Cooperation Activities is now open!
Deadline: Wednesday, 20 May 2015, 17:00:00 CEST (GMT+2) Trieste time