The know-how transfer between the Port of Venice (Italy) and the Port of Durres (Albania), within the PORTRAIN project  was successfully concluded last  month with a final conference in Tirana.
The project focused on establishing a training centre for safety regulations at work within the Port of Durres, on applying relevant procedures and regulations already in place in major European ports as well as on creating training courses for Port Authority staff.

 The assignment was carried out by the Consortium for Intermodal and Logistics Training (CFLI), which is a training structure of the Port Authority of Venice. The CFLI had implemented an innovative system aimed at improving the safety of the working environment in the Port of Venice and made available its know-how to the Albanian partner.
  According to Tiziano Barone, President of CFLI “training  human resources in ports is crucial to ensure adequate levels of safety in port operations. The need of  local logistics systems to employ qualified staff could be better answered by setting up an Adriatic Training Academy for the safety in ports. The Academy should be the reference point for the set of common qualification standards and the access to innovation in training. PORTRAIN represents a significant step in this direction”.   In view of the lack of locally available know-how and methodologies for the training of human resources in port infrastructure, the CFLI focussed on ways of improving the preparation and skills of Albanian trainers, not only concerning the training itself, but also the management skills and knowledge.
  The project was co-financed by the CEI within the framework of its Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP). The financing was provided through the Italy-supported CEI Trust Fund at the EBRD.   For more information on the Project and its results: