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EU opens procedure against Italy, Croatia, Slovenia on ports

(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JUN 9 - The European Commission decided to send letters of formal notice to Croatia, Italy and Slovenia "for failing to fully comply with certain notification obligations" under the so-called Port Services Regulation, the Commission informed today. The regulation, the Commission recalled, "is intended to level the playing field in the port sector, provide port operators with legal certainty, and create a climate more conducive to efficient public and private investment." Furthermore, it requires EU countries "to foresee an effective procedure for handling complaints and ensuring that port users and stakeholders are informed as to which authority is in charge." Moreover, "Member States are also required to lay down rules on penalties in case of breaches of the Regulation." According to the Commission, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia do not have fully complied with their notification obligations and they have now two months to reply to the arguments raised by the EU. (ANSA).