(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, 11 MAG - A sustainable and intelligent economic recovery to respond to the challenges related to blue growth, environmental quality, tourism, energy, and transport are the key themes at the 6th annual Forum of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region (EUSAIR). The two-day online meeting involves four member states (Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Slovenia), five Western Balkan states (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia), and San Marino. Before the official opening, the participating countries adopted the 'Izola Declaration' for a more resilient and sustainable Adriatic-Ionian region. "The declaration - said EU Commissioner for Cohesion Elisa Ferreira - will pave the way for a green and digital recovery and will further ease the enlargement process of our neighbors in the Western Balkans." The Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure representative, Pierluigi Coppola, highlighted that in the European year of Rail, "rail transport can play a significant role in the transition toward low-carbon mobility and for the economic recovery and resilience of Adriatic-Ionian transport systems. However - Coppola warned -, to fully exploit these resources, legislative and regulatory reforms must accompany investments in infrastructures." (ANSA).