(ANSA) - PARIS, 04 MAG - The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) president Delphine Ernotte has sounded alarm bells over pressure exerted on the public media in several European countries, particularly the Czech Republic. "I would like to send a message on the independence of European public media," Ernotte pointed out in an interview with France Inter. "We know that in Hungary, Slovenia, some pressure is exerted on journalists," she said. "More recently - she added - the government in Prague harshly criticized my colleague Petr Dvorak from Czech TV because in October there will be legislative elections in the Czech Republic and therefore the current power tries in every way to get its hands on public TV." The head of the EBU and president of France Télévisions, the biggest transalpine public group, had already warned of the difficult situation in the Czech Republic. Ernotte highlighted that the independence of the media guarantees the trust of citizens in their public radio and TV. The EBU is world's largest public service media alliance. This alliance, responsible for Eurovision, has 115 members in 56 countries, including 34 affiliates in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Delphine Ernotte took office last January. (ANSA).