(by Stefano Giantin) (ANSA) - BELGRADE, JAN 13 - Europe continued to report a substantial number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the week ending January 10, with Germany among the most hit countries in the continent, according to data from the latest epidemiological update of the World Health Organization (WHO). Germany, with 142,861 cases, "reversed last week's decrease" with a 15% increase and registered 6,071 new deaths (7.2 new deaths per 100,000), a 35% increase, the WHO said. According to the WHO epidemiological update, a total of 524,154 new COVID-19 cases and 15,261 new deaths were reported by the countries in the Balkans and in Central- and Eastern Europe to the World Health Organization (WHO) through January 10, bringing the cumulative total of cases to 8,878,975 and of deaths to 184,703. According to WHO data, in the past week the countries across Central- and Eastern Europe that reported more new cases were Germany (142,861), Czechia (90,864), Poland (66,960), Ukraine (40,933), Romania (30,807), Slovakia (20,746) and Serbia (15,990). The countries across the region that reported more new deaths last week were Germany (6071), Poland (2070), Czechia (1155), Ukraine (913), Hungary (764), Romania (673) and Slovakia (601). In Central- and Eastern Europe, the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic were reported in Germany (40,343), Poland (31,189), Ukraine (19,767), Romania (16,592), Czechia (13,115) and Hungary (10,648). Slovenia remains the country in the region with the highest ratio between deaths and population, with 151 cumulative deaths per 100,000 population, compared to 130 in Italy, followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina (131), North Macedonia (126), Czechia (123), Bulgaria (117) and Montenegro (115), while the lowest rate is observed in Belarus (131). In Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and in the Western Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania) 1,964,286 confirmed cumulative cases (+87,721) and 45,994 deaths (+3,409) were registered as of January 10. (ANSA).