(ANSA) - TRIESTE, MAY 26 - 84.7% of entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose companies have strong trade relations with Italy, expect at least a 20% reduction in income due to the coronavirus crisis, according to the study "Battling Covid-19: Perspectives from the Italian Companies in BiH", based on a survey reporting the answers of 51 companies and presented today during a webinar promoted by the Italian Embassy."Italian companies in Bosnia - said Ambassador Nicola Minasi - play an important role, Italy is the second-biggest trading partner and local employees in Italian companies amount to around 12,000 people. What happens to Italian companies is decisive for the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study gives important indications of the difficulties and opportunities seen by our companies, which are valid for the whole economy."According to the study, conducted by Jasmin Hošo of the "School of Economics and Business" of the University of Sarajevo, 66.7% believe that their business is threatened by the coronavirus crisis. 54.3% expect a 30% higher drop in revenueS, 30.4% a drop between 20 and 30%.Currently 3,895 out of 8,720 employees are on forced leave. Without government aid, 40% of businesses think they can survive for 60 days, 31.3% for 30 days. For the most part, Italian partners are unable to support financially during the current crisis.The annual trade exchange between Italy and Bosnia- a statement from the embassy reported - is worth about 2 bn euros. "During this period about 15 requests from Italy were received by our commercial office - Minasi underlined - to enter the Bosnia and Herzegovina market even in terms of manufacturing: they are trying to react to the crisis in Italy by moving their production." (ANSA).