(ANSA) - ROME, SEPTEMBER 17 - The European Commission has approved E.ON's takeover of Innogy, the 'green' branch of Germany's RWE, E.ON reported in a statement, explaining that the approval from the EC is due to the many commitments made by the group regarding the decision to exit the electricity and gas retail activities in the Czech Republic and partly electricity retail sales in Hungary. In Germany, the commitments include a significant part of E.ON's activities in the electric heating sector and the construction and management of many charging stations for electric vehicles on the motorway network. Overall, some 2 million retail customers will have to be discontinued, especially in Eastern Europe, but E.ON "will not have to give up any network activity." "The new future of E.ON begins today. The acquisition of Innogy will give rise to a company fully determined to put customers at the center of everything it does. We want to collaborate with our customers to actively shape the new energy sector, becoming more and more innovative, using energy with ever greater efficiency and making an effective contribution to climate protection," said CEO Johannes Teyssen. (ANSA).