(ANSA) - SARAJEVO, SEPTEMBER 16 - The resolution and the long-term program approved last Saturday by the 7th congress of the largest Bosnian Muslim party, SDA, sparks row among the Republika Srpska political forces (RS, the Serb-majority entity in Bosnia). The statement aims to establish the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with no partition into entities, just like it was before the 1992-95 war, and with Sarajevo as administration hub as big as the entire city, just like it used to be before the war. According to Milorad Dodik, a Serbian member of the Bosnian tripartite presidency, the document is unconstitutional and sounds like a save-the-date for the war. The centralization of the "Bosnian Republic", the abolition of the RS and the introduction of the Bosnian language for all - long-term objectives in the SDA document - are against, said Dodik, the interests of the Serbs. "We have our Republika Srpska - the Bosnian Serb leader said - and Muslims can do theirs in the five cantons where they are the majority but cannot even count on an inch of the RS". (ANSA).