(ANSA) - WARSAW, AUGUST 6 - In Poland, a new law recently came into force, according to which 2 million employed under 26-year-olds will not have to pay taxes. According to the website of the daily newspaper Le Monde, this law could induce young Poles not to emigrate seeking for a job. However, the unemployment rate in Poland is currently below 4% and the local media do not present the measure as an anti-emigration measure but as a pre-election move. The law signed by the head of state, Andrzej Duda, on 24 July 24 was proposed by the ruling party Law and Justice (Pis) led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski and presented as one of the pre-election promises made before the European elections and ahead of the general election to be held next October. In the same Kaczynski's "package of five promises", the pensioners received for the first time the Christmas bonus, whereas the families were offered a bonus of about 120 euros per each first child (for the second child and subsequent children a similar bonus has already been enforced since Pis's electoral victory in 2015). (ANSA).

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