(ANSA) - SOFIA, JULY 10 - Bulgaria will sign with the US a contract to purchase 8 new F-16 Block 70 aircrafts. The Ministerial Council in Sofia made this decision today. After several months of negotiations, the overall sum the parties agreed upon for the purchase is 1 bn and 256m USD. Payment has to be made in advance, whereas the aircraft will be delivered to Bulgaria by 2023. The price includes the complete equipment of installations and missiles, as well as the expenses to set up a training center for future pilots. According to the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), so far the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense has not raised the question of whether or not the sum includes VAT, and whether or not the EU's customs duties are included in the event of import from third countries. It will be up to the Bulgarian parliament to approve the draft contract in the coming days and give the green light to the purchase of the F-16 Block 70. (ANSA).