(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JULY 10 - Latvia (-7.5‰), followed by Bulgaria and Croatia (both -7.1‰) and by Romania (-6.6‰) and Lithuania (-5.3‰) are the EU member countries that recorded the largest population decrease in the EU in 2018, show new data made public by Eurostat today. In contrast, the population of the entire EU increased by 2.1‰ during 2018, by 1.1 million people. Eurostat informed also that fifteen EU Member States registered a negative natural change in 2018, with deaths outnumbering births the most in Bulgaria (-6.6‰), Latvia (-4.9‰), Lithuania (-4.1‰), Croatia, Hungary and Romania (all -3.9‰). According to Eurostat data, the population in Bulgaria fell from 7,050 thousand to 7 million between January 2018 and January 2018, from 4,105 to 4,076 thousand in Croatia, from 19,530 thousand to 19,401 thousand in Romania. (ANSA).

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