(by Andrea Pierini) (ANSA) - TRIESTE, July 8 - "We believe that the countries of Visegrad have the right to get key positions because we do not take anything away, but we add something to the EU's performance". Hungary's foreign minister Péter Szijjártó told ANSA answering a question about the expected Eu Commissioners nominations. "We have adopted important economic and security resolutions, thus becoming the driver of European growth. In Eastern Europe, the GDP growth rate is twice as big as the EU average and therefore we do not accept that some Western European states take us into account just to take advantage of the fact that we opened our markets to their businesses. And these businesses have made huge profits from the Hungarian market", said Mr. Peter Szijjártó. Do you think that the migration issue and the difficulty in appointing the European Commissioner with the nomination of Frans Timmermans and the election of Ursula von der Leyen could cause divisions between the Visegrad countries and the other countries within the EU? "Protecting the unity of the European Union is crucial and we'll do anything we can to achieve this goal. The fact that Frans Timmermans was not accepted as a candidate for EC leadership was important because he wanted to divide Europe between east and west and we do not accept this division. The collaboration between the Visegrad countries is very close and this cooperation is not against the EU but in favor of unity. We co-operate with Italy because both Italy and Hungary want Europe to be strong and based on strong member states that must be respected". What worried you about Timmermans' potential election? "Timmermans would have divided the EU. He does not respect nor the member states, neither their autonomy. Moreover, he's in favor of immigration, and if he could, he would fill the EU with illegal immigrants. Preventing his candidacy was, therefore, a huge success and this step resulted from the collaboration with Italy. Thanks to the cooperation between our two countries, we managed to prevent the appointment of one of Geroge Soros' men". About the immigrations, your position is unchanged? "We have a very clear stance: immigration should not be organized but stopped". Mr. Szijjártó, the newly elected president of the Euro parliament David Sassoli during his inauguration speech said that the Dublin pact should be revised, what is your opinion on this issue? "We are in favor of any solution that allows us to stop immigration, therefore, we are not in favor of anything that wants to further organize it. According to the Hungarian government, the key issue is to keep the Schengen system alive, but we must protect our external barriers both on land and sea. We are now doing it and we have built a fence. The first who took steps to defend our sea borders was the vice premier Matteo Salvini: we do appreciate him a lot". You have signed an agreement to purchase an area in the Trieste harbor, and this seems to be a precise choice, aiming for export growth. "This is the second time I've come to Trieste. I attended the CEI (Central European Initiative) a few weeks ago summit. I think it's a marvelous city which is really important to our economy. The fact that Hungary has been able to buy an area in the port of Trieste opens up the possibility of being able to export our goods to far areas all over the world in a very flexible and fast way". (ANSA).

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