(ANSA) - UDINE, 14 MAG - A big concert a week ahead of the European elections - 10,000 people are expected to participate - in order to get citizens to vote, and ask candidates a clear commitment to Europe's future. The event, which is named "Hope Fest", will take place May 19 in Genoa, Porto Antico. "Hope Fest is both a mobilisation and a concert - the organizers explained through a press release - to share the belief that we can generate a new Europeanist culture, defeat cynicism and apathy, influence politics from the grass-roots level". The concert scheduled for May 19 is the key event of the Hope Fest campaign, aiming at "making the difference" for the next European elections that will take place on May 26 in Italy. We call for a strong commitment of all those Europeans who want to promote equality, and solidarity between parts of the world, generations, and people." According to the promoters, "a concert can remind of the joy of participating, and by celebrating the values on which the EU is based we want to become stronger. Each one of us can work towards this goal by voting." The campaign is part of an European mobilisation coordinated by WeMove.EU, a large European progressive organisation, which aims to get electors in all European countries to vote. On May, 19 events will simultaneously take place in 42 European cities, in Berlin and other cities in Germany, Wien, Prague, Ljubljana, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, as well as in Poland and in many cities in Sweden, and in Genoa, the only Italian city to host the event. "We asked Italian candidates to the European Parliament, and everyone who shares our ideals and values to sign our appeal Hope. For a more united and fairer Europe," said Pietro Mensi, the Hope Fest manager. "Therefore - he added - we ask candidates a clear commitment on four essential points: Europe (to make Europe more politically united), Equality (everyone needs to have the same opportunities of personal fulfilment); solidarity (migration and inclusion policies have to be in the Union's domain); environment (the Union has to determine an effective green strategy)." (ANSA).