(ANSA) - BRUXELLES, MARCH 13 - EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn strongly criticizes the decision of Bosnia and Herzegovina to approve a 681 million dollars loan guarantee from China for a new coal-fired power plant in the city of Tuzla. "I am very surprised by the large majority decision of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the House of Representatives", which "raises serious questions" about Sarajevo "commitment to international treaties and European rules", as well as about the country's "choice of the energy technology" and "a sound cost-benefit analysis in a responsible and transparent manner," Hahn wrote on Twitter. The Commissioner warned Bosnian leaders that "environmental impact assessments and state aid" in Bosnia "will certainly be closely looked at" by the EU Commission during the "opinion process". In the coming months, Brussels has to form an opinion on the possibility for Sarajevo to become an official candidate country for EU membership. "I am sure that the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina have good reasons" for backing this "decision" and will be "able to explain this to their citizens," he added. (ANSA)

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