(ANSA) - BELGRADE, NOVEMBER 7 - A new survey has revealed that only 3 percent of Polish citizens are currently interested to leave Poland to emigrate and work in the United Kingdom, the Polish radio has informed. The survey, produced by the job agency Work Service, showed that the percentage of Poles interested in emigrating to the UK went down 16 percentage points in one year, down from 19 percent in 2017. According to the agency, the "impending withdrawal from the European Union has had a major impact" on the preferred migration destinations for Poles. The study has confirmed Germany to be the top destination for work migration among Polish respondents. Germany was indicated as the most preferred destination by 23.3% of respondents (-9%), followed by Norway (15.6%) and Sweden (14.7%), which recorded a huge increase in preferences. "Sweden had never before been indicated by more than 5 percent of respondents in the history of research run by Work Service," the company said, quoted by the Polish Radio. (ANSA).

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