(ANSA) - BELGRADE, OCTOBER 9 - The European Union approved an additional 750.000 euros of funds for a third phase of a program to improve flood prevention and management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Delegation of the EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina has announced. The funds will be channeled through the Western Balkans Investment Fund (WBIF). "The first two phases of the project resulted in improved performance and reliability of the flood mitigation-protection system in Republika Srpska and in strong positive economic, social, environmental and public health impacts," the Delegation said in a statement, noting that the European Union already provided technical assistance for 4 million euros, complementing a loan of 55 million euro of European Investment Bank (EIB). Moreover, the EU and other European donors have so far allocated more than 13 million euros in grant support for the prevention and management of floods. Bosnia and Herzegovina was severely hit by floods in 2010 and 2014. (ANSA).

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