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Salis can vote says Hungary prison service

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 14 - Hungary's prison service said Tuesday Ilaria Salis can vote in the June 8-9 European elections she is standing in as a Green-Left Alliance (AVS) candidate, rejecting her father Roberto's claims are "baseless". It said the 39-year-old Monza elementary school teacher and anti-fascist on trial for allegedly attacking two neoNazis in February last year was entitled to vote as were all Hungarian detainees. Roberto Salis said Monday the Hungarian authorities were denying his daughter her right to vote. "I spoke with Ilaria today an she told me that they asked all the inmates in the prison if they wanted to vote and she obviously said yes," the woman's father, Roberto Salis, told ANSA. "But she was told that there is an Italian legislative shortcoming that would not allow her to vote. "She asked the embassy, which was unable to give her an answer (about this). "A clear human rights violation is taking place and we need a clear stance from the (Italian) government". Salis is accused of attempted murder for allegedly being part of a German-led hammer gang that allegedly targeted neo-Nazis on their Day of Honour commemorating an SS regiment's "heroic" resistance against the Red Army in February 2023. The AVS candidacy is a bid to get Salis released, at least to the house arrest she has been denied, with her hopeful EP immunity from prosecution. The Hungarian prosecutor has asked for a prison term of 11 years but Salis's father says she risks as long as 24 years in jail on charges of attempted murder. The alleged victims of her alleged attack did not reportedly complain to police. Salis has been led into court on several occasions on a chain with her hands and ankles cuffed, sparking shock in Italy, although Budapest says it is standard procedure for its prisoners. (ANSA).