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Belarusian anti-Lukashenko activist, 'in my country terror'

(ANSA) - PESARO, 28 FEB - Blacklisted by Belarusian intelligence services, human rights activist Olga Karatch relaunched her battle at the Pesaro Urbino Province headquarters: 'In my country, there is only terror. For 30 years, Lukashenko has taken power; he is not leaving it: dozens of people are arrested daily. After the 2020 protests, the repressions continue." Repeatedly imprisoned by the regime and declared a "terrorist" nine times, Karatch, winner of the Langer Prize 2023, carries on her nonviolent denunciation through the organization she founded, Our House: "Two thousand people are helped on the economic side, and with payment of legal fees and food. Our efforts are represented by the campaign 'No means No,' against conscription into Lukashenko's army for Belarusians who do not want to go to war." The request to Europe is to "create a humanitarian corridor to get 5-10 thousand people out of the country to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia". This operation could make things easier for those who do not want to fight against their neighbors." Giuseppe Paolini, president of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, says: "Olga is a girl who has been tortured, is in exile (in Vilnius, ed.), fighting against abuse and for freedom. We hope everyone will take a seed from her testimony and make it sprout. We thank the Langer Foundation, which chose our province for the first Italian stage of Karatch's tour after the Roman ceremony." Marco Vitali (Amnesty International), Luciano Benini (School of Peace), and Mauro Bozzetti (Lupus in Fabula) also spoke at the event, organized as part of 'Euromediterranea' by the Province and Lupus in Fabula, in collaboration with the Pesaro Group of Amnesty International and the Carlo Urbani School of Peace. (ANSA).