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ESOF2026 Call for bids



The Call for bids to host ESOF 2026 has recently been launched, with deadline set on 31 October, 2023. This is a great opportunity for scientific institutions from CEI Member States: hosting ESOF means bringing together in one place thousands of scientists, policy makers, innovators, journalists and educators to discuss and shape the state and prospects of science in Europe. It allows to valorise the potential of the local scientific community, while contributing to the generation of new ideas and actions for the future of science in, with and for society.

Out of the 10 ESOF editions successfully held since 2004, only 2 have been hosted by a CEI Member State, namely Italy (Turin in 2010; Trieste in 2020). In 2024, ESOF will be hosted by Poland (Katowice).

The CEI has supported the organisation of ESOF2020 in Trieste, which has helped boost the visibility of the city and showcase its scientific assets. Therefore, we are glad to disseminate the opening of the ESOF2026 Call for bids and encourage our Member States to apply!

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