The BLUE_BOOST project has just launched a transnational Call for the Expression of Interest of Knowledge Providers (KPs EoI) open to research, development and innovation bodies, skilled enterprises, and non-institutional new innovation agents (such as fab labs, co-working spaces, innovation hubs, etc.) in all the ADRION eligible territories.

Experts in the above-mentioned fields and thus potential KPs are invited to register to the BLUE_BOOST KPs’ Gallery (database), where they will have the chance to gain visibility at transnational level, broaden their professional network, and in particular participate in the BLUE_BOOST Transnational Innovation Voucher Scheme. This scheme entails at least 35 vouchers of max EUR 10,000.00, to be allocated for innovation-driven project proposals jointly drafted by the voucher beneficiaries, i.e. Blue MSMEs & Start-Ups from 7 project areas[1] active in Blue Growth sectors, jointly with Knowledge Providers.

Selected companies will be able to choose a KP from the KPs' Gallery and, thanks to the vouchers, will benefit from both financial resources and professional coaching offered to innovate their ‘blue’ business.

Knowledge Providers willing to participate in the BLUE_BOOST Transnational Innovation Voucher Scheme, must submit their Expression of Interest online by 30/06/2019 at midnight CET.

For KPs wishing to be simply registered in BLUE_BOOST KPs Gallery, in order to gain visibility and benefit from the project’s networking opportunities, regardless of the above mentioned project’s Innovation Vouchers opportunities, the Call will remain open until the end of the project - 31/10/2019.

1] 1) Zadar County (Croatia), 2) Marche Region (Italy), 3) Region of Central Macedonia (Greece), 4) Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), 5) The whole Albanian Country (Albania), 6) Region of Western Greece (Greece), 7) Apulia Region (Italy).

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