(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JUN 10 - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) called on the European Union to "completely change their approach to migration and to stop intensifying their existing containment and deterrence policies, which are causing avoidable harm to the health and wellbeing of asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants," MSF said in statement today. The organisation made public a new report on migrant hotspots on the Greek islands today. "For more than five years, the EU policy of containing people and processing their asylum applications in hotspots on the Greek islands has created an unprecedented crisis and tremendous human suffering" and "these are not unintended consequences," said Reem Mussa, MSF humanitarian advisor on migration. "The EU's hotspot model is designed not only to process migrants' asylum applications, but also to deter others who dare to seek safety in Europe," Mussa added. The 'Constructing Crisis at Europe's Borders' report shows how the EU's migration policies put the health, wellbeing and safety of people trapped on the Greek islands in jeopardy, MSF said. (ANSA).