(ANSA-AP) - BUDAPEST, 14 MAR - Hungary's prime minister has apologized for calling some allies in the European Parliament "useful idiots," but continues to face a demand for expulsion from the political group. Viktor Orban addressed letters with apologies to leaders of numerous members of the European People's Party calling for his ouster. Wouter Beke, leader of Belgium's Dutch-speaking Christian Democrats, said Thursday, however, that he remained convinced Orban's Fidesz party should be expelled from the EPP next week. Beke said that while he accepted the apology, Orban's views on European values and migration still had no place in the Christian Democratic family. EPP leader Manfred Weber met Tuesday with Orban but said the talks had not resolved the issues that could lead to the expulsion. A decision on the expulsion is expected Wednesday. (ANSA-AP).

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