The three-day event took place in Trieste on 16-18 October at Music Conservatory “Giuseppe Tartini” and focused on the exchanges between representatives of institutions and music festivals of the Central European area, promoting active participation, and giving the possibility to lay the foundations of a system of cooperation among academic and professional institutes. 
Art curators, artists, architects and relevant exerts gathered in Trieste, on 28 October, to resume the topics of the CEI Venice Forum for Contemporary Art Curators and present the “Harbour for Cultures H/C” project to the citizens of Trieste.
On 26 October 2017, the Regional Western Balkans Master Programme in Public Procurement Management was launched in Belgrade. The University of Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy manages the course in partnership with the EBRD to be held at the campus of the University of Belgrade. The Programme is co-financed by the CEI Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) through the CEI Fund at the EBRD, sponsored by Italy.
The XIII Central European Forum of Aquileia EuroRegion took place in Udine on 5 October 2017. Organised by the Mitteleuropa Cultural Association, in cooperation with a consortium of public and private stakeholders, the Forum gathered representatives of public institutions, diplomats, politicians and academics from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkan area.
The Port Authority of Trieste hosted the Kick off meeting of the project SECNET (Crossborder institutional cooperation for Port Security Enhancement) funded under the Interreg Crossborder Programme Italy-Slovenia on 12 October.

Organised by the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, in partnership with the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the University of Travnik, the 10th International Symposium New Technologies in Sport "Entrepreneurship and Business in Sport" was successfully held in Sarajevo on 13-14 October. 
The Film New Europe CEI AV Innovation Day at the International Co-production Forum Regiofund in Katowice, Poland on 5-6 October was made up of panels, case studies and industry networking to explore how innovation and technologies are impacting the audiovisual industry in the region and Europe.
The Southeast Europe Mosaics conference held in Pula, Croatia, on 3-6 October 2017 was organised by the Croatian Conservation Institute in cooperation with the Archaeological Museum of IstriaPula County Chamber and the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade.
The 4th  edition of the Training School of Danube: Cultural and social implications of global change on the Danube River Basin was held in Krems, Austria on 14-21 July.

PhD-students and young scientists from the Alps-Adriatic Rector’s Conference (AARC) and the Danube Rector’s Conference (DRC) universities had the chance to discuss the issues – with a particular focus on the Danube region and the question of resilience and social peace – and to develop research proposals within this broad context.
Within the International Congress “500 years of Belarusian book-printing”, the International Round Table “Documentary Heritage in Central European Region: Conservation, Research and Promotion” was held in Minsk on 14-16 September at the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh".

You are applying to the CEI generic internship roster, which is published all year round. The roster is made available to all departments which will then select and directly contact suitable candidates only.
On 25-26-27 September, the Partners of SULPiTER (Sustainable Urban Logistics PlannIng To Enhance Regional freight transport) gathered in Trieste for their 3rd Consortium and Steering Committee meeting.

There is widespread recognition of the need to find environmentally sustainable ways of running economies and organising our lives. Implementing these changes requires a holistic approach that examines every activity for its “green” potential and applies best practice. For example, consider the residues from commercial processing of food and beverages. These residues are often seen as waste, but they can also be treated as resources if firms improve the way they collect and use them.

The 5th Meeting of the Committee of National Coordinators (CNC) under the Belarusian CEI Presidency took place in Salzburg on 25 September, in connection with the Annual Meeting 2017 of the Institute of the Regions of Europe - IRE (24-26 September) with which the CEI has a long-standing cooperation.

Participants focused on the revision of the CEI Guidelines and Rules of Procedure and on the content of the new CEI Plan of Action.

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, holding the current CEI Presidency, hosted for his counterparts a Working Lunch in New York on 21 September, on the margins of the UN General Assembly.
Around 30 students from 11 countries participated in the 23rd edition of the CEI International Summer School organised by the Istituto per l’Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica (IECOB) in Bertinoro (Italy) on 11-15 September. 
Lectures, round tables and workshops were offered to the students with a strong interdisciplinary approach towards topics such as migration, minority protection, cultural diversity and territorial cooperation.
The Ukrainian poet, writer and essayist Andriy Lyubka was born in Riga in 1987. He completed his degrees in Ukrainian Philology at the Uzhhorod University (2009) and in Balkan Studies at the University of Warsaw (2014).
Over 100 scientists gathered in Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia on 3-7 September, at the International scientific symposium on plasma chemistry (CESPC).  

The conference organised by the Institute of Physics in Zagreb tackled topics such as fundamental problems, modelling and diagnostics, new materials, energy technologies, environmental protection, bio and medical plasma technologies, surface processes, nanostructured materials, and as the first time at CESPC, emerging food and agriculture plasma technologies.
The TEACHBACK Programme - teaching the teachers, developing the methods of education and learning in the field of contemporary performing arts (dance) - took place on 21 - 28 August at the Scout Centre in Ohrid, Macedonia. The event was organised as part of the Nomad Dance Academy Summer through two main programme lines: Workshops and Discussions/Presentations.

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